The Best Infestation Hacks for Deadly Aimbot Fun

Infestation HacksInfestation hacks are super popular because we can help you see everything on the screen at all times! This means you see every zombie, every player, every weapon, all the ammo, you name it we let you see it. The Infestation ESP allows everything to be shown with glowing colors so you can’t miss them on screen. Never look all over the map again for hours just to find a few weapons, we make it easy and get you everything you need in minutes. What’s even better? We help you to kill people super fast with our Infestation aimbot that locks on and kills other players in seconds. After you kill them simply grab their loot and have fun!

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New Infestation Hack Video and Screens

I wanted to update everyone on the Infestation hack so I got our video guy to make a new video and we just added it to YouTube. I also got some killer new screens running Infestation and full resolution to show off how good our hack looks in the game. Keep in mind we have not been detected by PunkBuster ever and we have tools and tips to help you stay unbanned from FairFight. You can download the Infestation cheat by clicking here for our forum page, then simply click the banner to register and your done.

Infestation hack video

This is the new video showing the hack being used in the game. Your able to turn on and off all options during gameplay and we promise it will make your game experience more fun. Don’t worry about looking for guns forever or getting killed by a zombie, we fix it all for you with our Infestation hack.

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Infestation Aimbot

You can see from the video above that our aimbot can take zombies and players down in seconds. All you do is click your aimbot key, the weapon locks onto the enemy or zombie head and you fire. Most of the time they will die in one or two bullet hits. We also include over 40 amazing features to add to your playing experience. Here are a few nice images to show you.

The Best Infestation Hacks at

Do you want the best Infestation hacks in the world? If you do then we can point you in the right direction, simply sign up at and get instant access to the Infestation hacks we have online. This isn’t some trick where you have to take a survey or any type of advertisement, simply register and then subscribe for instant access. We had the first ever Infestation hack released to the public and we have over 40 features. No other website offers so much so sign up now!

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Do you like Infestation Survivor Stories

Many people have played Infestation Survivor Stories, at last count the developers said well over 1 million users had purchased and played the game. Many people will remember the game as “The WarZ” before they changed the name up due to legal reasons (probably from that movie with Brad Pitt). When the game first came out everyone loved it, it was a huge MMO with zombies and dark scary places with one massive map. People would start playing the game only equipped with a flashlight and they would need to sneak around towns, avoid zombies and find weapons and ammo. Pretty soon our coders got the idea that a new Infestation hack would help make the game better, so they asked our members if they like Infestation Survivor stories and many said “Yes” and told us they did play the game. So we made the first ever WarZ cheat or Infestation hacks, you can see them here. Once people found out about the cheat they purchased it for $12.00 and started playing the game with it and that created an entire new game that was more fun than it use to be. With our Infestation hack you can see every zombie, all players, every weapon and even no clip through solid walls (our cheat allows you to just walk right up to any wall and go through it). So if you want to make Infestation more fun to play and you want to take your game to a new level click here to sign up.

BY Christy M

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Infestation Hacks Updated with Chams

We just took our Infestation Hacks and updated them again with full chams. People keep asking us what chams are so let me explain really quick. When you play Infestation at night you can’t see much of anything except the dark, unless your using a flashlight. With our chams in place it makes all player models glow, this includes every player, every weapons, all zombies and all loot. So no matter if it’s day or night you can see everything, just check out the images below showing off the chams inside the game, that’s how well the Infestation hacks work when you use them. Notice how all zombies show up in red and have a nice box around them? It’s much easier to get away from them when this happens. Also our undetected Infestation hacks will let you keep playing without getting any kind of Fair Fight ban if you use our tips in the VIP forum. Sign up right now using our forum by simply clicking here to register now. Starting at about 0.47 into the video you’ll see how the chams works with our Infestation hack, watch how we never die and can kill everyone!

Infestation Hacks


The Best Infestation Hacks

Infestation Survivor Stories Hacks

Want the very best Infestation hacks so you can stop getting killed all the time? Want to always be able to see every zombie, every player, weapon, food all loot, etc? We have the best Infestation cheat offered in the world and you can get it right now without any of those stupid surveys that most websites have. In fact our Infestation hack has over 40 features that allow you to do some insane things, I’ll explain a few and post some pictures for you to check out. Also the cheat is online currently and undetected by Punk Buster anti-cheat and Fair Fight. =)

ESP with Customization
ESP basically is a variety of colors drawn inside the game. It makes it so you can see every object in the game and even allows you to customize the colors for different objects like weapons, food, zombies, players and more. We basically put a box around all the players and zombies so you can easily spot them. When the box is red you can’t kill a player as they are behind an object, when the box turns green your bullet can hit them and kill them. Also when you come into any city in Infestation you’ll be able to locate all items as you can see from the image below.

Infestation hacks

Locate all items with ESP

Infestation No Clip
Our no clip allows you to walk through walls and get away from other players and zombies. All you do is go up to any building or object and keep pressing forward and you go right through like a ghost…… boo! Then you stay inside hiding until some unsuspecting player comes up to the house looking for loot and you pop out of the wall and kill him. It’s hard to show this through an image so check the video out for a sample.

Full Feature List for the Infestation Hack

* Headshot Bullet Hits: Bullet hits dead center each time.
* Adjustable Field of View: Allows the bot to see behind you.
* No Spread and No Recoil: Bullets don’t have spread and guns have no recoil.
* Fast Finder to See All Players: See is a player usually kills or works with others.
* Adjustable Distance and View: See zombies and players up to 1000 meters.
* Visibility Checks: Knows when the player is behind and object and can’t be hit.
* Custom Aim Key: You Mouse or Keyboard can be setup as the lock on button.

* Item ESP: Customize each item to show up on the map in any color.
* Name ESP: Shows the name of each player and item in the game.
* Player ESP: Always see a player and change colors when in view.
* Zombie ESP: Shows every zombie with a red box around them for easy killing.
* Distance ESP: Shows you how far away all items and safe zones are.
* Render Distance: Set how far away you want to see everything.
* Enhanced ESP (Center player in screen and it shows weapon ESP)

 Reputation Viewer:
Color of Player Text and Box Depends on their Reputation.
Know if You Should Kill or Friend Other Players
* Mega Bandit = Purple
* Bandit = Red
* Neutral = Blue
* Lawman = Yellow

* Turn Night to Day: Make any server day or night anytime you want.
* Unlimited Stamina (Sprint): Sprint forever and never get tired.
* Adjustable Distance for ESP: Adjust how far away you see.
* Fade ESP at Distance: Make the ESP fade out at a certain distance.
* NEW: Auto No Clip: Run up to any wall and walk right through it.

* Show FPS show your frame rate inside the game
* Save over 3 cheat configurations in menu
* Show Time display the current time in game
* No Delay: Pick up any Item without a delay
* Clear Screenshot: Anti cheat thinks your not cheating
* Current Undetected by PunkBuster


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